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Up to 35% Royalty per Sale

Create a design template once and it continues to earn money for you from millions of customers everyday.

Designer Royalty Rates

Royalties from Premium subscribers per month
Customer Pays You Receive
Premium subscriber Subscription price Portion of subscription price, divided among all designers used.*
Royalties from free users per sale
Product Free User Pays You Receive
Standard Image $2.99 $1.00
High-res Image $7.99 $2.80
Full HD Video $14.95 $1.00
4k Video $24.95 $1.00

Royalties are paid in the first week of every month via PayPal. A minimum of $50 in royalties is required for a payout. Please check if PayPal offers payouts in your country. *When dividing royalties from PosterMyWall Premium subscribers, images count as 1 use, designs with a stock video are treated as 1.5 use and designs with a video uploaded by artists are treated as 2 uses.

Millions of Customers

Individuals, organizations and businesses from all over the world rely on PosterMyWall for their marketing needs. There's always a new festival, holiday or event to create designs for.


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Create content for people, organizations and events from all over the world.

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