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Our mission at PosterMyWall is to enable anyone to create stunning designs with minimal effort. Your design templates will help our users do that.
So, pick a theme for your design template (view our list of themes here), read the requirements and tips below and get started!

Design Requirements

Your design template must meet the following requirements.

  1. Create a new background image for your design. You cannot use a background provided by the Poster Maker. Your background image (JPEG only) must meet the minimum size requirement outlined on the Background Image Size Requirements page.
  2. Use high quality images; they should not become blurry at high resolutions.
  3. Don't use an existing design template in the Templates gallery, create a layout from scratch.
  4. Don't upload your own fonts, only use ones provided in the Poster Maker.
  5. Only use preset design sizes, templates with custom dimensions will not be accepted.

Getting Paid

PayPal Logo Royalty payouts are sent via PayPal after every 3 months. You need to have $50 or more in royalties to be eligible for a payout. We will ask you for your email address with PayPal when setting up your designer profile.

Template Design Tips

Your design templates must be easy to customize for users. Keep the following things in mind when creating your layout in the Poster Maker.

  • Use appropriate default text alignment. For example if a heading is center aligned in your design template, make the text element span the width of the template and set text to be center aligned. The bad way of doing this would be to position a text element such that its text appears in the center of the design but is actually left aligned in the text element.
  • Use image effects in the Poster Maker instead of applying effects in Photoshop/GIMP. For example, if your design template contains a black and white image, use the filter in the Poster Maker to make that image black and white. That way, if a customer replaces your image, their image will be black and white as well and maintain the consistency of your design.
  • Explore and master all design elements available in the Poster Maker such as Fancy Text, Shapes, and Clipart. Take the tour for an overview.
  • Using a lot of Fancy Text elements will increase the time it takes for your design template to load. Only use 2~3 Fancy Text elements in your template.

Legal Terms

Please review our terms and conditions before submitting design templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I be part of the Designer Community?

    You can sell your designs on a variety of print and digital products at no cost to you. Receive helpful tips and guidelines to enhance design submissions and increase sales.

  • How do I join?

    Submit your design template that you've created that meets the design criteria. It will then be available in the gallery for the PosterMyWall community to browse, customize and purchase. Activity of these templates will be monitored and you'll receive a royalty payment when you’ve hit a threshold of $50.

  • What is a premium account?

    This upgraded account allows for designers to personalize their profile pages. The designers are able to display their biographies and provide contact information to the public allowing the the PosterMyWall community to interact with designers.

  • How does an account get upgraded to a Premium Account?

    Top selling designers get their profiles upgraded based on the quality of their designs.

  • How do royalty payments get paid?

    Royalty payments on earnings of at least $50 are paid out on the last calendar day of the month. If you are a U.S. Designer you must provide the following information. We are required to provide the IRS form 1099 to our U.S. Designer in January for the previous calendar year. You are responsible for ensuring that we have your updated information.

    1. Legal Name that payment is made payable
    2. Social Security number
    3. Mailing address (including apt. no.)
  • Am I considered a contractor or employee if I designing for the community?

    No employer/employee or contractor relationship is created by your use of to design and sell your designs.

  • Who do we contact to report a violation of the User Agreement?

    Send an email to , Attn: Amabel Goell.

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