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Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

What does PosterMyWall do?

PosterMyWall is your one-stop solution to create, run, and measure custom marketing campaigns. Designed for small businesses, our tools include graphic and video design, social media, and email marketing. Create campaign assets in minutes using our professionally-designed templates, then print or publish directly to social media, email, and digital signage. We even offer a single content calendar to manage all of your campaigns in one place. Join over 23M users worldwide.

How much does creating a design cost?

It is free to use our site and to create an account. We offer free basic quality image downloads. You only pay if you need a high resolution file of your design. See our Products Catalog.

How is PosterMyWall different than other online design platforms?

PosterMyWall's easy to use online editor lets anyone customize thousands of beautiful image and video templates in our gallery. Unlike other websites, you can easily switch between an image and video designs - ideal for turning an image into an eye-catching video. You can also easily resize your designs (for free) and work on the go on tablets and mobiles.

Can I remove the or Premium Content watermarks?

The watermark is on the online preview and free downloads for proprietary purposes. It will not be on the final product i.e the actual downloaded files and print orders. Getty Premium Content watermarks are not on paid product but will be on the online previews and free downloads.

Image Downloads

What formats and sizes are available for image download orders?

Image downloads are available in JPG/PNG and PDF formats. We offer all standard sizes for social media and print use, as well as custom sizes.

What if I made a mistake on my download order?

3 courtesy edits are permitted. The option to use a courtesy edit is available on the Download Options page of your order or your Order History page. Look for a ‘Make a Correction’ button. You will be prompted to edit your design. When done editing click Save and Recreate. You will be sent the link to the updated design or you can access via your Order History.

Why do I get the message “You do not have access to this design”?

This usually occurs when you have more than one PosterMyWall accounts and you click on the Download Order link while logged into another account which was not the one the order originated from. Log out of the account and then log into the account from which you placed the order.

How do I download for free?

Open your design in the editor. Click the Download button. Select the Free option for a basic quality JPG/PNG of your image or a watermarked MP4 of your video.

Do free downloads of social media size designs have the PosterMyWall watermark?

No. Social media size designs do not have the watermark - only the larger sized designs do.

Video Downloads

What formats and sizes are available for video download orders?

Videos can be downloaded as .MP4 and .GIF files. You can change the size and duration of videos from the Download Options page as well.

How do I download for free?

Basic quality video downloads for personal use are available for free. The maximum duration is 21 seconds and it will have a large watermark. To download your video for free, open it in the editor and click the Download button. Select the Free option.

How long does it take for a video order to process?

It takes about 10 minutes or less, depending on the duration of the video.

What if I made a mistake on my video download order?

You cannot use a courtesy edit to change stock videos after a design has been purchased but you can swap it with your own video or edit other elements (text & graphics) on the design.

Can I change the duration of my video download?

Yes. You can modify the duration of the video on the Download Options page by changing the speed or looping the video.

What are recommended design sizes for videos on social media?

While most platforms have their own specifications, thanks to Sprout Social, we have a handy little cheat sheet that you can use to decide which layout to use when uploading to your preferred social media account.
For more specific information on sizes for posting videos on Facebook and Instagram see the official guide from Facebook.

Why am I having trouble uploading my Facebook Cover Video?

Recommended video dimensions for Facebook Cover Videos is 820x462, or an aspect ratio of 16:9. Duration must be at least 20 - 90 seconds long, which you can adjust on the Download Options page.

Can we add music to videos?

Music cannot be added yet. We are working on adding this feature so stay tuned.

Why can't I download my video onto my iPhone or iPad?

Apple's iOS does not allow videos to be downloaded from Safari. You can get the video on your phone through one of the following ways:

  1. Download your video from a browser on a computer and email it to yourself on Gmail. The Gmail app on iPhones allows the option of directly downloading videos.
  2. You can download the video on your computer and transfer it to your phone via iTunes. Once it's in your camera roll you will be able to upload it onto other apps such as Instagram.
  3. From the Download Options page, save your video to Google Drive or Dropbox instead of downloading it to your phone. Then use either app to download it to your phone or share to social media.

The video file is too large to share via email, how can I reduce the size?

You can the select a smaller file size in the Download Options page by clicking on the smaller size version. You can also reduce the duration from this page, which will make the video smaller in size.

Why does the video not play completely?

If you click the play button on a video that you have saved in your My Stuff, it will start to load a 5 second preview. To view the entire video, open your design in the editor. We only show full-length previews of templates in the Gallery.

Can I embed my purchased videos in blogs and web pages?

The ability to embed is not available at this time, but we are working on it.

Why is my video download blurry on Facebook?

Facebook compresses video uploads, even if they're HD, for more efficient playback. You can try to change your Facebook settings to "HD if available", otherwise it will play in Facebook's default setting. You can also try to upload the "low" or "medium" quality, for faster playback.

Email Marketing Platform

How do I create and send my email campaign?

Create an email campaign by customizing an email template from the gallery. Add photos, videos, stickers, buttons, tables, social links, or your own designs from PosterMyWall with our easy to use drag-and-drop Email Maker. Free users can export the email in HTML format, and Premium subscribers can publish it directly from PosterMyWall.

How many people can I send emails to?

You can export your email as an HTML file on the free plan, then send it via your email service provider like Gmail, Hotmail etc. If you’re subscribed to the Premium or Premium Plus plan, you can send 3000 emails and 10,000 emails per month respectively with PosterMyWall’s Email Marketing Platform.

Can I add links to my email campaign?

You can add a text link, make any element clickable, or add call-to-action buttons in the Email Maker. To add your call-to-action button, open your email template in the PosterMyWall Email Maker. Click, ‘More’, then select ‘Button’ from the expanded options on the left menu to add your button. Alternatively, select an image then add a link via the ‘Link’ space in the right contextual menu.

Why is on my sender address?

Sender addresses from free email services often cause delivery issues and limit how many emails you can send via your email blasts. The subdomain is added at the end of your sender address to ensure proper email deliverability without any errors or spam issues.

How to upload a CSV audience list in email campaigns?

  1. When publishing your email, add your email name and subject line then click ‘Next’.
  2. Under “Choose an audience for your campaign”, click “Add a new audience“.
  3. Under “Upload CSV file“, click on the upload icon and add your CSV file containing a mailing list with emails separated by commas or columns.
  4. Click “Add audience“ to finalize your upload.

How do I buy email sends?

Email sends can be purchased in the My Stuff, in the ‘My emails’ section, under the ‘Settings’ tab. Click ‘Buy more’ under ‘Email sends’ to purchase more email sends. You can buy email sends via Credits.

PosterMyWall Premium Subscription

What do I get with a Premium Subscription?

PosterMyWall Premium is a cost effective option for customers with frequent need for high resolution image or video downloads. PosterMyWall Premium subscribers get:

  1. Unlimited high quality downloads of original (not based on Gallery templates) designs.
  2. 3 credits when you first join. 2 credits each month with unlimited edits for 30 days. Image downloads are 1 credit and video downloads are 3 credits. Credits do not expire on active subscriptions. Unused credits will carry over.
  3. Getty images are included but have a maximum of 3 edits.
  4. Option to purchase credit packs at a discount. Video download costs as low as $7.39 with a purchase of the 100 credits pack.
  5. Ability to upload your own custom fonts.

How do I sign up for a subscription account?

You can sign up for PosterMyWall Premium from this page.

What are credits?

PosterMyWall Premium subscribers can use credits to download high-resolution images and videos. Image downloads are 1 credit and video downloads are 3 credits.

How do I get more credits?

You can buy packs of credits. Go to your Order History and select PosterMyWall Premium Billing. There are 3 options to purchase additional credits.

  • 20 credits pack at $55.95
  • 50 credits pack at $124.95 (Save $25!)
  • 100 credits pack at $245.95 (Save $53!)

If I plan to download videos - what is the best value for the money?

You get video downloads as low as $7.39 per video when you buy the 100 credit pack and use 3 credits for a video download.

Why am I being charged $2.99?

If you are prompted to pay for the download it may be due to the following:

  1. You do not have enough credits to apply to the image download.
  2. The 30 day period within which you have unlimited edits has expired.
  3. The design has a Getty image which has a 3 edit limit.

Can I upgrade from a 3 month subscription to a 1 year subscription?

Yes. Go to your Order History and select PosterMyWall Premium Billing. There will be an option to change your subscription plan.

Why am I getting a message that I have to create a new account to get a Subscription - can't I upgrade my current account?

If your current account is also a Classroom Account or a Template Designer Account, you cannot use this account for a PosterMyWall Premium subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your Subscription in the PosterMyWall Premium Billing section in your Order History.

What happens to my credits when I cancel my subscription?

You will have until the date that was set to be the renewal date to use your available credits. The specific date will be displayed when you cancel. The credits will be unusable after the stated date.

Do credits expire?

If you are an active PosterMyWall Premium subscriber your credits do not expire. Unused credits carry - over to the following month.

Sharing and Collaboration

How can I share my design on PosterMyWall with someone?

We offer multiple options for sharing your designs. You can share via email, via Facebook Post, or as a photo in your Facebook albums. You can share a link to your design on Twitter, Pinterest or use the link or HTML snippet for sharing manually or embedding in blogs. All options are available in the 'Share' dialog in the editor or in your My Stuff page.

How do I get someone else to add to my design on PosterMyWall?

To invite others to edit your design, click the Share option and then select the option to Let Others Edit Your Design. You can get a shareable link or send a email invitations to edit.

Is there a way to invite multiple people to collaborate on design projects involving multiple designs?

Yes. The use of Shared Folders is another option for collaboration. With folders you can work with colleagues on a group of designs. You can set permissions of the shared folder to allow contributors to edit designs, add new designs, copy designs or to invite new contributors to the folder.

Customer Support

I'm having an issue, what's the fastest way of contacting PosterMyWall?

Email is the best method to get your support issues addressed. Email Customer Support a brief description of the issue. If you are inquiring about an order please provide your PosterMyWall account email address used to place the order. For other inquiries please see the Contact Us page.

Are you interested in hearing my product ideas?

We'd love to hear from you. Please see the Contact Us page or tell us about your idea using the feedback form.

User Accounts

Can I update my email address?

Go to the Edit Profile page. Scroll down to the Manage Login Email section. If your email isn't verified, (if your email is verified, skip to the next paragraph) click Request Verification Link. A verification link will be sent to your email. Open the link in the email to verify your email address.

Once your email has been verified, go to Edit Profile again, scroll down and click Change Login Email. Enter in your new email address. A new verification link will be sent to your email. Open the link in that email to change your email.

I forgot my password. How do I login?

Use our Password Reset form. If you still have issues logging in, check to see if you actually login via your Facebook or Google credentials, instead of an email and password.

Payment and Billing

What payment options do you accept?

We offer Amazon Pay, Visa, Mastercard and American Express for your purchases. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express for PosterMyWall Premium payments.

Where can I get a copy of my invoice?

Invoices are available in your Order History.

How long does it take to process my payment?

Processing times vary depending on the payment method selected but typically process within minutes.


How can I make money with my designs?

Customers who belong to the Design Community can earn money by selling their designs on a variety of print and digital products. Earn 35% royalty on downloads. Get Started as a template designer.

How do I unlock my complete Designer Profile?

We like to see at minimum 10 templates in your account that you have designed that reflect the creativity and ease offered by our tools - and of course they should be easily customizable.

How do I get paid?

Designers with at least $50 in royalties will be paid via PayPal no later than the first week of every month provided we have the requisite information. If you are a U.S. designer we require information necessary to complete a IRS Form 1099 for royalties paid. Please contact amabel (at) to provide this information.


Should I be worried that PosterMyWall will disclose my information to spammers?

We hate spam as much as you do. We will never give out your information to third-parties for commercial use or to spammers.

Is PosterMyWall compliant with Facebook regulations?

Yes, we value our relationship with Facebook and are fully compliant with their Developer Policies.

Will PosterMyWall access and share my Facebook account without my permission?

Access to your Facebook account is set by permissions set by the users and never performed without your approval.

How do I disconnect PosterMyWall from my Facebook account?

If you created an account via Facebook, you can change it to a email and password login by going to the Edit Profile page and setting a password. Then in your Facebook privacy settings remove the Posters app.

How do I unsubscribe from marketing emails?

To remove your email from our mailing list you can click on the Unsubscribe option in any of the emails sent by PosterMyWall or contact Customer Support and we can unsubscribe your email for you.

How do I disconnect PosterMyWall from my Google account?

  1. Login to the Google account that you want to disconnect.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the Apps with account access link.
  4. Look for PosterMyWall in the list apps.
  5. Select the PosterMyWall app and click the Remove Access button.

How do I disconnect PosterMyWall from my Dropbox account?

  1. Login to the Dropbox account that you want to disconnect.
  2. Go to
  3. Select the Connected apps tab/section.
  4. Scroll down to the Linked apps section and remove PosterMyWall.