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Getting Started

  • What does PosterMyWall do?

    PosterMyWall allows you to create posters and collages from your photos, and from albums on Facebook (even your friends' albums). We provide background art and easy to use tools to make professional looking posters fast and easy.

  • How much does creating a design cost?

    It’s free to create a poster on our website and free to open on account. We also offer free basic quality downloads. You are only charged if you decide to purchase a product.


  • How is PosterMyWall different than other Poster Maker and Collage Maker applications?

    PosterMyWall is the only online Collage Maker to combine two important features:

    1. Super high resolution images (over 45 Mega Pixels) create posters that look great, even at sizes of up to 3 feet tall. The details of each photo remain crisp and clear even in a collage containing hundreds of photos.
    2. Tools to allow creative freedom to create beautiful posters such as photo borders, smooth edges, option to remove background from photos, posterize and many more graphic effects.

    PosterMyWall delivers these important features while remaining easy and fun to use. The result - the best online Collage Maker available.

  • Will I be charged extra if I use an image background?

    No. We supply a variety of artwork, free for you to use.

  • How can I share my design on PosterMyWall with someone?

    You can share your poster via email, on your Facebook wall, or in your Facebook photos. All sharing options are available in the 'Share' dialog in the Poster Maker.

  • How do I get someone else to add to my design on PosterMyWall?

    We let you invite people from your Facebook Friends list to collaborate with you. If you choose this option, they will have access to add to or edit your poster. This options is available in the 'Share' dialog in the Poster Maker.

  • Can I remove the watermark?

    The PosterMyWall and Getty watermarks appear only on poster preview images and the free download. You can purchase a photo or poster quality download of your poster to have these watermark removed. All watermarks for creative attribution (i.e. Background by Vector Art) must remain on the poster (downloads and prints) in compliance with agreement with the artist and other applicable copyright laws.

Print and Download Orders

  • What shipping options are available?

    We offer ground, 2-3 (business) days or 2nd day (business) shipping. Orders are shipped via UPS, USPS or Fedex depending on size and weight of the item.

  • Will they be shipped folded up?

    Our posters ship flat, or rolled in a tube. We never crease the posters so they look great mounted.

  • When will I receive my order?

    After you place your print order it will go through a quality review before it goes into production. It can take up to 1 business day for unfinished products and 2-3 business days for finished products (framed, mounts, banner) to be produced. After production, it ships based upon the type of shipping used. Ground shipping takes 5-7 business days.

  • How can I get a refund?

    Satisfaction is guaranteed. Please read our Refund Policy. Please use the contact us page to get in touch with us.

  • Can I cancel my order OR change my print order?

    Any changes to your order must be made within 30 minutes after placing the order by notifying customer support. We can issue a full refund if you notified us within this 30 minute window. Thereafter, cancellations may be possible if your order has not already been printed. If you have edited your poster after order placement, contact customer support to ensure that the edited poster goes into production.

  • What if I make a mistake on my print order?

    If you need to edit your poster after placing a print order, you must contact customer support within 30 minutes of placing your order to ensure that the edited version goes in production. It may be too late if you notify us after the 30 minute window.

  • What if I made a mistake on my download order?

    We allow one free update. Simply return to the page where you downloaded your poster. Click the red button at the bottom of the page and report that you made an error. The web site will take you through correcting it. You will receive the new link shortly thereafter or you can access it via your Order History.

  • How do I download for free?

    To download the free basic version, please open your design in the poster maker. Click the "Download" button, and select the Free (Basic Quality Download) option. To access the file, please open your default download folder. You will find your file saved as a JPG.

  • What formats and sizes are available for my download order?

    Download orders are available in JPG and PDF file formats. The Download Options page has easy to use options for stretching and cropping your poster to fit your printing needs. Our templates fit a 2:3 aspect ratio, meaning they fit sizes like 12x18 and 20x30 perfectly. Some other sizes will require the image to be stretched or cropped.

    You can also download your poster sliced into 16 pages for printing large posters right at home.

  • Do free downloads of social media size designs have the PosterMyWall watermark?

    No, you can download all social media size designs for free without a watermark.

PosterMyWall Premium

  • How do I sign up for a subscription account?

    Visit the PosterMyWall Premium purchase page to sign up for an annual subscription for $99.95/year or on a quarterly basis for only $39.95.

  • Why am I being charged $2.00? I thought downloads are free?

    If your design has stock photos from Getty Images you will be charged $2.00 for up to 2 Getty images on your design. You can eliminate the fee by removing the Getty image(s) from your design.

  • Why am I being charged the full download price when I purchase the template?

    You may have utilized the one free template for the month or you may be checking out a template that contains a Getty image.

  • Why can't I edit my design - don't I have unlimited edits?

    You are allowed unlimited edits on your ORIGINAL download orders and the 1 free template download UNLESS the design has Getty images. You are limited to 2 correction on designs containing Getty images.

  • Can I upgrade from a 3 month subscription to a 1 year subscription?

    Yes. Go to your PosterMyWall Premium Billing page. Use the Change Plan option to upgrade to an Annual plan.

  • Why does my design have a watermark?

    On-screen previews will have watermarks. All downloaded files will not have the PosterMyWall watermarks or the Getty Premium Content watermark. Your design may contain a background that requires artist attribution watermarks under the Creative Commons license. You can check the license type by license information noted below the design in your My Stuff.

  • Why am I getting a message that I have to create a new account to get a Subscription - can't I upgrade my current account?

    Customers who have Classroom accounts or Designer accounts cannot upgrade to a PosterMyWall Premium account.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • What happens if I am not happy with my print?

    At PosterMyWall, your satisfaction is our number one concern. Please contact customer service. We are happy to work with you to make sure you receive products that meet your expectations.

  • Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with my print?

    Please read our Refund Policy.

  • Can I get a reprint of my poster if I am not satisfied with the poster?

    PosterMyWall will reship at no charge a product that has a merchandise defect based on the quality of workmanship. This includes errors made in the production of the product but does not apply to subsequent edits by customers after order placement or a “change of mind”.

    Refund on Shipping Charges

    If you receive a product that has a merchandise defect based on the quality of workmanship of PosterMyWall, we correct the poster, reprint and reship at no charge. These include errors made by us in the production of your product. This does not apply to subsequent edits by customers after order placement or “change of mind”.

    We may ask you to return samples of defective merchandise for inspection. Shipping charges on the original order will be refunded if the entire order is returned, or if the return is necessary due to our error. We are unable to issue refunds for return shipping charges. Please allow two to four weeks once we receive your return for your refund to be processed.

  • Do you review our posters before you print them?

    All our print orders go through a quality review process. We notify customers via email if there are any quality issues with their posters. Our quality review team may recommend that we cancel your order and issue a refund if we do not receive a timely response. If we proceed with your order and you are not satisfied with it, your account may receive merchandise credit for the cost of the product. Shipping costs cannot be refunded.

Customer Support

  • I'm having an issue, what's the fastest way of contacting PosterMyWall?

    You can contact us via email. Please see the contact us page for more details.

  • Are you interested in hearing my product ideas?

    We'd love to hear from you. Please see the contact us page or tell us about your idea using the feedback form at the bottom of this page.


  • Is PosterMyWall compliant with Facebook regulations?

    Yes, we value our relationship with Facebook and are fully compliant with their developer policies.

  • Will PosterMyWall access and share my Facebook account without my permission?

    Access to your Facebook account is fully automated and never performed without your approval.

  • Should I be worried that PosterMyWall will disclose my information to spammers?

    We hate spam as much as you do. We will never give out your information to third-parties for commercial use or to spammers.

  • How do I disconnect PosterMyWall from my Facebook account?

    To prevent access to your Facebook account, you can remove PosterMyWall from the list of 'Apps' installed on Facebook. You can find the list of installed Apps in the 'Privacy Settings and Tools' page on Facebook.

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