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Designer Royalty Rates

Product Royalty Customer Pays You Receive
Poster Quality Image 35% $7.99 $2.80
Full HD Video 35% $14.95 $5.23
12x18" Poster 10% $12.95 $1.30

Royalties are paid in the first week of every month via PayPal. A minimum of $50 in royalties is required for a payout. Please check if PayPal offers payouts in your country.

Millions of Customers

Individuals, organizations and businesses from all over the word rely on PosterMyWall for their marketing needs. There's always a new festival, holiday or event to create designs for.


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How do I join?

Create a design template and submit it here. Your design template will then be available in the gallery for the PosterMyWall community to browse, customize and purchase. You'll be able to setup your designer profile while submitting your first template.

How do designers earn money?

You will receive royalties every time your design is purchased by a user. For instance, if you have created a poster template you will get 35% of the revenue each time someone customises and purchases a download, and 10% of the revenue each time a user orders prints of that template.

I already have a design I would like to submit. How do I proceed?

If you have already created a design you would like to submit as a template, you can submit it here.

How do royalty payments get paid?

Royalty payouts are sent via PayPal in the first week of every month. You need to have $50 or more in royalties to be eligible for a payout.

Do I need to pay for signing up as a designer or any of the tools/resources?

Being a part of our design community is completely free. You do not have to pay for signing up or creating designs on PosterMyWall.

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