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Revamp your feed with modern Instagram templates

Revamp your feed with modern Instagram templates

Level-up your Instagram game and stand out from the crowd with 654,330+ modern Instagram templates.

People love PosterMyWall

  • This is the easiest app I’ve ever used to create flyers, posters, social media posts. I love it!

    Jo Anne Elliott
    Jo Anne Elliott Business Owner
  • I have truly enjoyed using this product. It has been simple to use and share on a variety of platforms.

    Roland S.
    Roland S. Social Media Marketer
  • One of my favorite sites definitely. If you are a business owner with limited budget, this is just what you need to produce beautiful flyers, menus, posters, social media posts, and more.

    Ahmad A.
    Ahmad A. Designer

How to make a Instagram post

Choose a design from the Instagram posts template gallery
Personalize it: change colors, edit text, or add images and videos
Download, email, or publish directly on social media
Create your own Instagram post
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How to use Instagram templates?
You can use customizable Instagram templates on PosterMyWall to create a post or story for your Instagram feed. Select a template and customize the design to make it your own by adding your logo, text, images, doodles, or stickers. You can even add video, animations, and audio clips to make a dynamic design that stands out.
What are some best practices for Instagram posts?
Some best practices for Instagram posts include posting consistently, using relevant hashtags, engaging with your audience, collaborating with others, and using Instagram's various features, such as stories, reels, and IGTV.
How can I create effective Instagram posts?
To create effective Instagram posts, consider your audience, message, and branding. Use high-quality images and videos, engaging captions, relevant hashtags, and a consistent visual style.
How to add to Instagram stories?
To add your modern Instagram post to Instagram stories you can use PosterMyWall's one-click resize, select the 'Instagram story' dimension, and instantly resize your design. You can then download this image and publish it.
Can I post to Instagram from my computer?
Yes, you can post to Instagram from your computer, through PosterMyWall. Click on the 'Publish' tab, then select 'Social Media' to publish your design directly to your Instagram business account, or schedule it for later using the Content Planner.
Is PosterMyWall free to use?
PosterMyWall is free to use. You can download basic quality image and video designs for free, or pay for a higher quality file. To unlock unlimited downloads and more features, you can subscribe to PosterMyWall Premium plans.
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