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How It Works

Select & Customize a Template

Download as a Signagelive widget

Post to a Signagelive screen

Edits appear automatically on screens

Unlimited Personalized Content

Thousands of professional templates

Thousands of HD Stock Videos

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Visuals That Get Noticed

Animated Menus and Visuals

Showcase your mouthwatering dishes in an animated menu or opt for attractive imagery showing your best sellers to brighten up your restaurant and pull in the crowd.

Advertising and Promotions

Announce your latest offers, sales and discounts with attention grabbing videos and images.

Events and Conferences

Make important information prominent to attendees. Display schedules, announcements or details regarding the event.


Boost your brand by displaying engaging video advertisements on digital displays around your store, mall, or even your workplace.

Customizable Content For








What sizes are available for digital signage?

You can find digital signage templates for 16:9 and 9:16 screens and also resize them to any custom dimensions if needed.

Can I download images and videos for free?

Free downloads for images and videos not downloadable as widget.

How are edits sent automatically to screens?

You can use Courtesy Edits to make changes in your design once you have purchased it. Go to your Order History or the download page and select Make a Correction. The design will open in the editor. Click Save and Recreate when done. Your design will be updated automatically on your Signagelive screen.

Why is the updated design not appearing on my screen?

When you're uploading the widget to Signagelive, please make sure that the duration of the widget in the playlist is set to a large enough value. The default value is 10 seconds, after which the widget resets. On slow connections, the widget is reset even before the update can be fetched, which is why we recommend a 24 hours duration value.

What image download size would be suitable for digital signage?

For digital signage, we recommend the Photo Quality (only $2.99) download.

How do I download my video as a widget?

Once you have purchased your design, you will be able to download it in widget format (.wgt) from the download page accessible through your Order History.

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