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51% of emails are opened on mobile devices - don’t forget to check the mobile preview for your email! We’re very font of you because you’re our type. A mobile-responsive email can increase clicks by 15%. Always check mobile previews before sending out emails. Sit up straight. Want the loading time to be longer so we can spend more time together :) My day’s been ok, how’s yours? Not just a pretty interface Test, test, and test again! Make sure your email looks good on all devices before you send it out.

Organize your content into columns for a neater look.

Section example preview

Tables help organize list items in a grid layout. Not responsive on mobile devices.

Table example preview

Add designs from your My Stuff. You can add videos, slideshows, masked images and more!

Design example preview

Add from My Photos, stock libraries, or import from Facebook, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Image example preview

Add animated GIFs/stickers. Careful not to add too many, it may affect your email campaign’s deliverability.

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Add from My Videos or stock libraries. Videos will be converted to 10-second long GIFs without audio.

Video example preview

Add headings, paragraphs, and other text content to your emails.

Text example preview

Add a call-to-action button with a link to your website etc. You can also change the color or shape of these buttons!

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Add your own social media links and change the icon style or order from the right-hand menu.

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Add spacing between sections for a neater look.

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