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Sell your flyer designs and poster backgrounds on and earn
50% on downloads, 10% on prints.

Be a part of a great idea

Since our launch in 2010, PosterMyWall has been allowing anyone to make a great poster, collage, or flyer. Our website makes customizing templates fast and easy. But our posters are only as good as the designs our users customize. Help our users make great art.

What is involved?

Our artists create very hi-resolution backgrounds (JPG format) then create sample posters on That’s it. We’ll post them to our templates and backgrounds area. Any time someone purchases a poster with your background, we’ll credit your account, and pay you quarterly.

How to Join Us

Apply to be a contributor by sending an email to . Include a link to your portfolio, or 3 samples of your work.

PosterMyWall Blog
Holiday Event Flyers in Minutes!

Make posters for your holiday specials in minutes by customizing our templates. High quality prints and downloads available. (Nov 18)

Black Friday Poster Templates

Customize one of our templates and be done with your Black Friday marketing images in minutes. Bulk prints and high quality downloads available. (Nov 17)

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